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    Manage your business in a rapidly changing world with data analytics solutions. If your people can’t find the data they need, understand it, trust it, and use it, your data is worthless. HST can help you remove those barriers and achieve data health.

    Our Expertise

    Leverage top data science & engineering services to improve business efficiency

    Data Architecture

    • Data engineering consulting on improvements & automation
    • Infrastructure upgrade roadmap development
    • Implementing automation into the existing infrastructure
    • Automating manual processes with CI/CD pipelines
    • Data quality or data health
    • Implementing serverless solutions

    Data Pipelines

    • Data-driven app design & development
    • Extract data. transform. integrate it with other sources
    • Designing end-to-end data flow architecture
    • Implementation cloud ETL processes
    • Implementing DataOps services for automation and improving data flows
    • Enabling data observability to monitor your data in the data warehouse

    Data Analytics

    • Using Big data engineering tools for enhanced decision making
    • Creating dashboard & reports visualization for analyzing Big data
    • Storing & processing data, extracting insights
    • Implementing & deploying solutions in the public cloud. or on-prem
    • Providing efficient data cataloging to understand the data

    Our Competences

    Amazon AWS

    Microsoft Azure

    Our Approach

    Business Challenge Review

    We analyze your business environment and domain specifics. performance, data sources, define the challenges and set up goals. Our team of skilled business analysts and engineers brainstorm to suggest to you the solutions that address your challenges and take your business to new heights.

    Data Collection and Preparation

    We aggregate data into representations adapted for storage and processing. Preparation includes standardization, missing values handling, outliers filtering and other operations, e.g. specific to textual/visual information.We collect business data and transform it into a form processable by available intelligent tools.

    Data Analysis

    To analyze data we use cutting-edge statistical methods, and various machine learning and data science algorithms. The insights we get during data analysis, help the business owner see roadblocks or unobvious things in the business process and get them improved promptly.

    Business Implementation

    We use data science tools and cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. If the client prefers an on-premise solution, we’re ready to create a custom system based on Python Scientific and ML Stack and integrate it into the client’s business infrastructure using tools (databases, containerization, web frameworks, etc.) appropriate for the use case.


    Well-crafted software makes the world a better place

    Emotionise Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

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    Marie Toft CEO of Emotionise

    • AI/ML
    • NLP
    • Azure Functions

    AI / ML Solution that increase sales and engagement

    Emotionise | AI / ML Sales enablement

    Emotionise ai is the only content creation and communication AI trained with emotion at its core.

    CameraMatics Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

    play icon

    Daragh McDonnellCTO at CameraMatics

    • Microsoft .Net
    • MS SQL Server 2017
    • iOS
    • Android

    Cross-platform apps and SaaS platform for Telematics, ADAS & DMS technology.

    CameraMatics | Digital Technology

    HST Solutions were onboarded in Dec 2018 as an extension to the existing CameraMatics software development team…

    JCDecaux Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

    play icon

    Colin CostelloIT Manager at JCDecaux

    • ASP .NET
    • MVC
    • MS SQL 2014

    An app to scale revenue with contactless payment automation

    JCDecaux | Advertising Company

    The purpose of the application was to run an advertising campaign on JcDecaux free-standing digital advertising…

    CameraMatics Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

    play icon

    Seamus GalvinResearch Manager at BSI Group

    • Angular
    • Java
    • J2EE
    • Jboss
    • Postgress
    • HTML5

    Built a SaaS-based GDPR assessment platform for the UK national standards body

    BSI Group | Business Solutions

    HST developed a next gen multi-tenant SaaS platform called BSI PACE ( BSI PACE (Privacy…

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