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Standardizing Waystone Risk
Analytical Data with ETL

The PPM (Pre-Processing Module) is a Data Retrieval & Data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platform.

The main goal of the platform is to retrieve files from different SDPs (data providers), transform those files in flight as per the business requirement, and then push the data from those files downstream to Risk and Reporting applications.

Users of the PPM ETL tool can free up to 40% of their time previously spent managing data.

Technology stack:

  • Front End:

    .Net Core | React Js | Azure Data factory | Microservices

  • Database:

    Azure MS SQL

  • Others:

    CSS, jQuery, JavaScript

Their Success

  • The ETL now ties together disparate data sources, thus enabling greater opportunities for extracting insights.
  • The standardized data processing infrastructure enables companies to quickly onboard new employees and allow them to focus on their core duties because the information they need is already mapped out through the ETL tool
  • It consolidates previously fragmented reporting processes, which are often distributed among various systems into a single database.

About Waystone

Waystone leads the way in specialist services for the asset management industry.

Partnering with institutional investors, investment funds, and asset managers, Waystone builds, supports, and protects investment structures and strategies worldwide. With over 20 yearsof experience and a comprehensive range of specialist services to its name, Waystone is serving assets under management in excess of $2Tn.

Waystone provides its clients with the guidance and tools to allow them to focus on managing their investment goals with confidence.

The challenge

Replacing an aging infrastructure

The Riskand Reg Reporting team at Waystoneprovidesrisk analytical content that democratizesfund admin data and helpsclients make better decisions about how to build, support, and protect investment structures and strategies. However, the users were outgrowing the existing BAU process. They had been relying on manually downloading files from multiple sources, normalizing them, and loading them into the downstream reporting portals. As Waystone has grown, that process no longer met its capacity needs and was an operational risk. Because the business unit lacked a well-modelled, centralized data repository, each team had to create and maintain its own reporting processes, resulting in fragmented and limited reporting. With all these issues, the entire infrastructure was becoming too costly and resource-intensive to support. Waystone needed a solution that could meet its increasing data management and reporting needs, allowing it to scale and adapt as needed.


A cloud solution that checks all the boxes

PPM is a scalable solution that was created for the enterprise.

It provides a modular and intuitive graphical user interface tool for ETL processes, which eliminates hand-coding (versus Python and Airflow)

Built with React JS, PPM is a modern API-first, cloud-native, and serverless Front-end application hosted in AWS Cloud Native S3 & container service.

We provide pre-built connectors that integrate with Waystone’s primary data source systems, including RDS, SFTP, Miscrosoft Exchange, G-Suite, and S3.

A scheduler running every 15 mins processing 1000 jobs at a time using Docker for containerization and RABBITMQ to centralize the queues ensures PPM is an extremely scalable solution. Scheduler instances can be added with ease as the number of processed jobs increases.

Each job can be configured and customized per the business requirements. Files can be cleansed based on custom rules eg. Delete all sheets exceptthe sheet named Statement of Net Assets, add date formatted column based on the report date, update values in a column, delete all rows containing Controlled Cash in column A, and many such rules. PPM can also perform advanced manipulations like grouping and consolidating lines based on an identifier or even a date.

The tool allows fields inside admin files like Effective Date, Base Currency, Local Currency, Market Values, Prices, and Costs to be transformed and mapped to the specifications of the relative downstream reporting applications and directly loaded in them using APIs. It can also save down transformed files to various locations to ensure Risk Managers can access them in a centralized location.

PPM ETL allowed the team to automate its data transformation, which reduces the amount of technical support required and allows the Waystone Risk and Reg Reporting team to focus on its core competencies.

The benefits

Greater scalability and resilience

With PPM, Waystonecan find and use data more easily, and access more detailed data than it could in the past. The solution allows users to transform raw data into formats that are optimized for loading and analysis. Because PPM ETL is easy to use, the Risk and Reg Reporting teams can deploy modeled data sets for reporting and analysis faster. This speed of deployment enables teams to spot data anomalies, improve data quality, and create more insightful reports more quickly. PPM ETL has also delivered operational improvements via accelerated data extraction processes, along with automated logging.

With a cost-effective, scalable, and resilient ETL in place, Waystone now has the capacity to meet its increasing data needs.





Technology stack:

  • Front End:

    .Net Core | React Js | Azure Data factory | Microservices

  • Database:

    Azure MS SQL

  • Others:

    CSS, jQuery, JavaScript

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