Custom Java Development

With over decade in Java development outsourcing, our company delivers scalable and secure solutions on Java for innovative software companies across a variety of industry sectors including hospitality and manufacturing.

Java Software Development Company

At HST, we have extensive experience in custom Java software development and have built sophisticated, scalable and secure end-to-end software, whether from scratch or by re-engineering legacy systems.
Our developers hold credible working experience on all the latest Java technologies, and possess a keen understanding of development life cycle, right from architecture design to implementation.

Using industry-proven practices, we provide offshore Java development services for a number of high-tech companies, our dedicated Java developers have implemented Java Hadoop MapReduce systems, wrote RBAC (Role-based access control) for social networks, developed Java/Swing GUI applications, integrated JadeLiquid WebRenderer and have completed a number of other complex projects.

  • Enterprise software development
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Cloud software
  • Desktop applications


Platform Independent

One of the main advantages Java offers is a platform independent feature. Java is probably the best programming language for cross-platform applicants.


Java powered products can perform various tasks at the same time, allowing developers to write complex interactive applications.

Shorter time-to-market

With a well-designed intuitive set of API’s, programmers can write code faster with fewer bugs, thus enabling to offer relatively short time-to-market periods.


As an object-oriented model, Java enables rapid development of scalable and complex applications that are easy to extend. With the help of object-oriented units called classes, the program working on Java can dynamically extend itself in order to expand its functionality.

Value We Delivered

We Work With

Using POJO-based programming module, Spring framework aims to make J2EE development easier. Spring powered applications are easy to test as the environment dependent code is embedded into the framework.

MVC web framework – JSF (JavaServer Faces) with the help of UI reusable components makes the users interface simpler. JSF also enables implementation of custom components and being a event-based framework, it can respond to users’ interactions.

Using this open source web development framework, developers can convert Java into JavaScript thus being able to write front-end web applications. Google Web Toolkit enables developers to easily build AJAX applications.

Struts is an open-source framework that offers centralized controller and centralized XML file, so developers can build maintainable, flexible applications based on standard technologies.

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